About Us


Today, people with afro hair in Britain lack proper access to quality hair services. We face numerous obstacles when looking to style or treat our hair - barriers that don't exist for our Caucasian counterparts. Given the critical role afro hair plays in the identity of many, this Afro Gap is unacceptable.


NinjA’fro envisions a world where all people, regardless of our race, have access to quality and reliable hair care services that allow us to express who we are and feel pride in ourselves.


As twin sisters who have dealt with the Afro Gap ourselves, we've established a black-led online marketplace that connects people with afro hair to stylists, salons and products that will provide them with quality care. The specificity and flexibility of this platform gives us all greater power and control over our own beauty.


We are optimists. We believe in the power of a strong community to come together, celebrate self-worth and overcome this challenge. We can’t build this movement alone. Please join us in our mission to close the Afro Gap.


NinjA’fro is a UK registered company. Company number 11968435. VAT registration number 328 0933 02.