If you read through our questions and answers below and you still don't feel you have an answer to your question, please use the live chat or send us an email. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Using NinjA'fro
Is NinjA'fro black-owned? We are very proud to confirm that we are black-owned. NinjA'fro has been co-founded by black twin sisters who have dealt with the Afro Gap themselves, and decided to establish a black-led online marketplace that gives us all greater power and control over our own beauty.
Is there a NinjA'fro app? We are developing an app (both iOS and Android) and we can't wait to share it with you. In the meantime, please use our mobile-friendly website.
Is NinjA'fro just for women? No - NinjA'fro is not just for women. We welcome everyone with afro and mix textured hair!
My hair is relaxed. Can I still use NinjA'fro? Yes - NinjA'fro is a platform for all forms and textures of afro hair! Whether you prefer to straighten your hair, wear your hair in Jheri Curls, or have your hair natural... we've got you covered.
I don't have afro hair. Can I still use NinjA'fro? While we are supporters of inclusion, we also understand the lack of salons / stylists who are able to cater to afro hair and mix textured hair. We intentionally decided to design NinjA'fro for this underserved part of the community. Many of our stylists do offer services outside afro and mix textured hair, however you will need to book these appointments directly with them or via other platforms.
Can I book an appointment for my child (under 10 years old) on NinjA'fro? Many of our stylists are happy to provide services to children, however some of them are not able to provide services to very young children. If you find a stylist or salon you would like to book a service with, just drop us a line and we can confirm if they can deliver this service.
I live outside London. Can I still use NinjA'fro? We currently only list stylists and salons in London. Don't worry though - we will soon be available in other cities outside London. Follow us on our socials to find out when your city will be added to NinjA'fro.
About Salons & Stylists on NinjA'fro
I'm not happy with the service I received. Where can I share feedback? We're sorry to hear that you didn't have a great service experience. We always encourage customers to write a review. To do so, please go to "My Account" and select your order. You will be able to submit a review by selecting "Write Review". We also welcome positive feedback!
I have read some stylist / salon reviews. What do the ratings mean? Ratings and reviews help you understand more about the type of service a stylist / salon provides. The ratings describe the quality of the service, value for money, and the overall cost of the service. We are building up our ratings and reviews as we only recently launched, so the majority of the stylist and salons have come through personal recommendations. Don't forget to leave your review after your appointment as it will help others too!
I would like to book an appointment with a qualified stylist. Are all the stylists qualified? In some cases the stylists do not have a formal hairstyling qualification, however we support hairstylists who have extensive experience styling afro hair and deliver professional customer service. We also know that education and qualification in afro hair has not been widely available. While we encourage stylists to attain qualifications, we are confident that we can empower many salons and stylists to develop their skills by giving them a platform on NinjA'fro.
I know a great salon / stylist. How can I refer them to NinjA'fro? We love to hear about afro hair salons and stylists across the UK! Please let us know through our Contact Us page and we'll get in touch with them. Also tag them on their socials.
I can't travel to a salon. Can I book a mobile stylist to come to me? Yes! Some of the hair stylists listed on NinjA'fro offer mobile services at customer's homes. You can identify these stylists in the "Mobile" column in the search results. For those who can travel but prefer to stay in a home environment, some stylists also offer services in their homes.
Account & Profile
I want to change my account / profile details but I don't know how. You can easily update your contact details under "My Account". You can change your details including your password, email address, phone number, and your newsletter subscription preferences.
I can't remember my password. No problem! Just click "Forgot Your Password?"on the Customer Sign In page and you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. If you are still having issues, let us know using our "Contact Us" page.
I no longer want to receive NinjA'fro newsletters and communications. It's a shame you no longer want to receive our communications, but we respect your decision. Go to "My Account" and you will see the option to stop your newsletter subscription under "Newsletters". We hope to see you back again soon.
I would like to write a piece. Can I create some content for NinjA'fro? If you're interested in creating content for NinjA'fro, please click Register Interest in Blogging. We are always interested in hearing from potential content creators, so drop us a line and pitch your idea!
Bookings & Appointments
I just made a booking. Where can I find my booking details? You can find all your bookings (both upcoming and completed) under "My Account". You will also receive a booking confirmation email to your registered email address.
I need to cancel a booking. How can I do this and will I get a refund on my deposit? Under "My Account", you can select your order and cancel the booking. Before you cancel your order, be sure to read our Booking Terms and Conditions as your online deposit is non-refundable if the cancellation is made within 48 hours of the appointment. We have summarised some of the key points and included some examples in our Cancellation Summary and Illustrations.
A stylist has cancelled my appointment. Will I receive a refund on my deposit? We encourage all stylists and salons to keep appointments and to avoid cancellations, however we also know that there are sometimes issues that cannot be avoided. If the stylist or salon cancels your appointment, you will receive a full refund of your online deposit. Our Booking Terms and Conditions include further details. We have summarised some of the key points and included some examples in our Cancellation Summary and Illustrations.
How can I reschedule my appointment? There is no option to reschedule your appointment. You will first need to cancel your existing appointment and then book a new appointment at a time that suits you. Remember to check our Booking Terms and Conditions  before you cancel. 
I have some questions for the stylist / salon. How can I contact them? You can drop us a line via our Contact Us page and we'll do our best to help you. You can also check out the stylist's / salon's profile page and click "Contact".
I would like to book an add-on service. How can I do this? You should only book one service for each appointment. If you require an add-on service (e.g. wash, removal), you can request this directly to the stylist at the time of your appointment. This transaction will not be on NinjA'fro. We are working on some enhancements that will allow add-on services directly on NinjA'fro in the future.
Bridal Hair
I have a wedding coming up. Can I book a bridal hairstylist? Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We work with some great bridal hairstylists who we can connect you to as you plan your big day. Head to our Bridal Hair page and complete the form so we know what you're looking for.
How are the stylists complying with COVID-19 guidance? The government has advised that all salons and stylists fall under the "Close Contact" services which can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/close-contact-services
Payments & Deposits
I have paid my deposit online. How should I make the rest of the payment? You will need to pay the remaining amount when you finish your appointment. You should pay this to the stylist or salon directly - by cash, card, or bank transfer. The stylist or salon will confirm their preferred payment method.
How much is the online deposit? The online deposit varies by stylist depending on their preferences. The minimum deposit amount is 10%.
Is the online deposit refundable?

The online deposit is non-refundable. However there are some exceptions. Please read our Booking Terms and Conditions and our Cancellation Summary and Illustrations for more details.

How can I pay for my online deposit? Currently the only payment option for the deposit is PayPal.
Can I buy products on NinjA'fro? Yes - you can buy products on NinjA'fro by heading to Featured Products and having a look at our NinjA'fro Hair Guide.