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  • Braids are styles that involve sectioning hair then plaiting each section, starting from the root and continuing along the length of hair. Braids are typically done with hair extensions plaited together with your own strands of hair but you can also choose to do braids without extensions. We group braids as follows: Box braids, triangle braids, crochet braids, afro kinky twists and pick and drop.Note:- If you would like to colour your hair extensions then please see the 'Colour Services' section of our site
    Braids.png Braids
  • Weaves and crochets are styles that typically involve cornrowing your hair then installing hair extensions. With weaves, hair extensions are sewn or woven into the cornrows. With crochets, the hair extensions are effectively tied to the cornrows using a crochet needle. Note:- We refer to the typical sew-in method of installation. Other methods such as clip-ins, glue-ins and micro rings are not included- Crochet braids are included under the 'Braids' section of our site- If you would like to colour your hair extensions then please see the 'Colour Services' section of our site
    Weaves and Crochets
  • Cornrows are styles in which hair is plaited on the scalp in rows and/or patterns. You can choose to have your cornrows with or without hair extensions. We've listed common types of cornrows (standard cornrows, Dutch braids, Ghana braids, Fulani braids, lemonade braids) but we recognise that cornrows are so versatile and we love to mix it you also have the option to 'Customise your Cornrows'!
  • Relaxers, perms and smoothing treatments are chemical treatments that change the natural texture of the hair, usually permanently or for an extended period of time (i.e. 3 months+ in a long-lasting way (i.e. 6 months+). Included here are relaxers, texturisers and curly perms/Jheri curls
    Relaxer_And_Perms.png Relaxer & Smoothing
  • Colour services cover most styles that change the colour of the your own hair or hair extensions before sew-in or braiding. We include Balayage, tint, highlights, semi-permanent colour and bleach & tone.
    Colour_Services_1.png Colour Services
  • Cuts cover everything from trims through to big chops. Buzz cuts and fade cuts are included and, for guys, you can choose beard cuts too.
    Cut.png Cut
  • Wash with or without treatments and heat styling. Or skip the wash and just style... We cover lots of styles here including bridal styling, natural hair styling, styling twists, locs and bantu knots
    wash.jpg Wash, Treat, Style
  • If you're looking to have a wig created, customised and / or installed then you're in the right place
    Wigs.png Wigs
  • Locs are hairstyles where the hair strands coil around themselves into fused units. The look can be created naturally or by twisting, coiling or braiding the hair. Here we group locs services into twists, wash and re-twists, loc styling and interloc
  • Consultations are conversations with professionals (certified hair scientists and experienced hair stylists) who can look at your hair and advise you how to keep your hair healthy and achieve your desired look
    Scalp & Hair Health Consultation