If you read through our questions and answers below and you still don't feel you have an answer to your question, please use the live chat or send us an email. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Registering as a Stylist / Salon
I'm an afro hair stylists (or I work at an afro hair salon). How can we list on NinjA'fro? It's great to hear you're interested in listing on NinjA'fro! Please register your interest by clicking on our Register as a Stylist or Salon.
How soon after I register, will I be listed on NinjA'fro? The listing and onboarding process will require some discussions to ensure we're a good match. We will be in touch with you to have an initial discussion within a couple of days.
I already have an account on another marketplace. Can I still list on NinjA'fro? Yes - definitely! Listing on NinjA'fro does not require you to leave other platforms. There are a few details we will need to work through to make sure your account is set up correctly.
Is there a sign-up fee when I list on NinjA'fro? No - there is no sign-up fee. NinjA'fro will receive a commission for each appointment booking.
I own a salon with a number of stylists. Do I need a NinjA'fro account for each stylist? It's up to you and will really depend on how you would like to set your profile up on NinjA'fro. Please register your interest and a member of the NinjA'fro team will contact you regarding your options.
I'm a mobile hairstylist. Can I list on NinjA'fro? Yes - there are mobile hairstylists listed on NinjA'fro who can either provide services at a customer's home or provide in-home services at your preferred location. Please register your interest and we will explain the mobile service approach.
Service Partner Portal
I want to change my account details. How can I do this? Sign into your Service Partner Portal by clicking Stylist and Salon Sign In. Click on your profile name (top right) and then select Buyer Dashboard. In Buyer Dashboard, you change your details including your password, email address, phone number, and newsletter subsription.
I want to change how my profile appears to customers. How can I do this? Sign into your Service Partner Portal by clicking Stylist and Salon Sign In. Click on your profile name (top right) and then select Account Settings. In Account Settings you can change the name of your business, logo, banner, address, and change your status as a mobile or salon stylist.
I can't remember my password. No problem! Just click the "Forgotten Password" link on the Stylist and Salon Sign In page and you will receive an email with a link to set a new password. If you are still having issues, let us know using our Contact Us page.
Is there a NinjA'fro app? We are developing an app (both iOS and Android) and we can't wait to share it with you. In the meantime, please use our mobile-friendly website.
Customers & Services
I only provide specific services (e.g. braids). Can I list just these services on NinjA'fro? Yes - you can list the services you want NinjA'fro customers to see. If there are services you currently provide that you don't want listed on NinjA'fro, that's fine too.
I also provide services to customers with non afro and mix textured hair. Can I list these too? While we are supporters of inclusion, we also understand the lack of salons / stylists who are able to cater to afro hair and mix textured hair. We intentionally decided to design NinjA'fro for this underserved part of the community. Many of our stylists do offer services outside afro and mix textured hair, however these services will need to be listed on other platforms.
Where can I raise my concerns if I have an issue to resolve with a customer? If you have any concerns at all, please get in touch with your NinjA'fro representative. We are happy to discuss with you directly.
Payments & Deposits
A customer has just cancelled their appointment. Will I receive a refund? We encourage all customers to attend their appointments on time, however we also know that there are sometimes issues that cannot be avoided. If a customer cancels their appointment outside the cancellation period (before 48 hours of the appointment), you will only be entitled to part of the customer's online deposit if you requested a Service Partner Deposit. Review the Service Partner Terms of Business for further details.
When will I be paid the remaining amount for the service?

This will depend on if you requested a Service Partner Deposit.

If you did not request a Service Partner Deposit, customers will pay their NinjA'fro Deposit online. Once you complete the service, the customer will be required to pay you the remaining amount (using your preferred payment method).

If you requested a Service Partner Deposit, you will receive this as part of the monthly invoicing process. The customer will still be required to pay you the remaining amount once the service is completed. 

I don't agree with a customer's feedback. Can I block this? We encourage customers to leave honest and accurate feedback of their experiences with stylists and salons. If you don't agree with feedback or ratings, you can get in touch with your NinjA'fro representative.