Afro Hair Guide: How to Rock Braids

Contributor: Lola (@_mamma_tee)

Looking for a hairstyle that’s low maintenance and allows your hair to grow? Box braids are the answer! They are a great protective style which means they give your hair a break from combing, brushing and the constant pulling when you’re styling. Box braids are versatile and suitable for any hair type. Yes, any hair type but it’s important your braids are done by someone who knows what they’re doing, so you don’t suffer hair loss!

So, you’ve decided to get box braids done. How should you maintain your braids while taking care of your own hair underneath? Let’s break it down into a morning-to-night routine.



Braids are great because you can simply wake up and go!

Moisturising your hair is vital to prevent breakage. If you have afro hair, moisturisation is doubly important, as afro hair is naturally very dry. I recommend using an oil spray such as the Jamaican Mango & Lime Island Oil which comes in a bottle with a nozzle, allowing you to easily oil your hair and scalp. You should moisturise your braids every morning or every other day.

To keep your hair looking fresh and sleek throughout the day, Eco Styler gel is my go-to product for sleek edges. Add a small amount to your front baby hairs to get them laid flat. An extra tip to get those stubborn baby hairs to stay down, is to add a head scarf for 5-10 mins after adding the gel.

Once done, you’re good to head out and conquer your day!



Your braids can be worn any way you like. If you usually like your hair down you can leave it free to flow. If you prefer your hair to be out of the way, it can be tied up into a bun. Braids can be styled in so many different ways. Just avoid pulling it too tightly while styling to prevent breakage.

If you’re very active and love your workouts, your hair may get wet from sweat. Sweaty hair usually results in your braid style becoming untidy much quicker. The key to refreshing your braids when that happens is to add hair mouse (XX is a favourite of mine). Add a generous amount all over your braids then blow dry them. Your braids will look brand new again! You can do this once a week or once every two weeks to keep your braids looking fresh.

It’s important your braids and scalp stay clean. You can wash your braids every other week and moisturise in between washes. I always like to have a selection of oils as part of my maintenance routine – peppermint, castor oil, and coconut oil. 


If you’re going out in the evening, one quick and easy way to style your braids is to add a hair accessory like a metal hair bead that wraps around each braid. You’ll be amazed by how the style transforms!

Finally… enjoy the versatility of your braids and experiment with different styles! Check out some of the styles I’ve done recently.